Tuesday 21 February 2017

Feeling Capricious [With Goats And Hedgehogs]

There is debate as to whether the name of the Isle of Capri derives from the Greek word kapros  for wild boar, or the Latin caprea for goats.  Both of these have lived there. What is not in dispute is the name Capri Pants, referring to those cropped above-the-ankle slimfit ladies trousers.  These were popularised by film stars Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn in the 50s. Mary Tyler Moore  [who died just a few weeks ago]  caused a sensation by sporting them on the Dick Van Dyke show, where she played the long-suffering housewife married to DVD. Her perfectly reasonable argument was that normal women didn't do the hoovering in dresses and petticoats, so why should her character?
I did not have enough blue fabric for another pair of trousers, but did manage to make these little CPs with a lace trim
And here is my first project from my new book of dolls' knitting patterns - a turquoise jumper to go with them. The neckline has a velcro fastening to make it easier for little fingers! 
I looked up the origin of capricious - whimsical- to see if that word had any connection with the island. I was delighted to discover that one dictionary said this;
Capricious comes, via French, from Italian capriccio, a shivering, 
a shudder, [influenced by Italian capra, goat] a whim, from capo, head [from Latin caput]+ riccio, hedgehog [from Latin ericius]. The basic idea is that of a head with hair standing on end, like the spines of a hedgehog.


  1. We all, of a certain age, wore them. I wonder if they are still called Capri pants?

  2. Hi Ang! Aw! The knitted sweater is darling!

  3. Here in Canda, back in the 60's, they were called 'pedal pushers'. lol


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