Thursday, 9 February 2017

Moving Along

It has been a busy week. On Monday, Bob cycled to the Industrial Estate and collected a van from Enterprise Van Hire [it is the most efficient way to do it - he then put his bike in the back and drove it home]
Then we drove to Wimbledon and loaded up Steph's stuff. 
Those vaccuum bags are very useful!

Steph found her Wonder Woman outfit when she was packing - but fortunately decided not to wear it on the journey!

It was like a bizarre game of Tetris. There was an awful lot to pack!
Then after a lovely evening meal at Liz and Jon's place, we went to bed, getting up very early next day to drive to Manchester. We left at 7am
The journey was rather long, but we got to her lovely new apartment at lunchtime. And we unloaded it all

Somebody appears to have caught me relaxing [briefly] with a book and taken a photo on my phone! 
Steph's new place is built in one of the converted Mills by the Canal - the redevelopment of some of these old Victorian premises is fantastic. It was lovely to see how they had retained lots of the original features, both outside and in. I intend to research more of the history of the building.
Then Bob and I left her to all the unpacking, and drove back home to Dorset. 

We got home at 10.45pm [total round trip around 550 miles]
Wishing Steph every happiness in her new home, new job and new life up in the North.


  1. Albania one week, London and Manchester the next.....and still you manage to blog every day! Well done! A challenging time for you but here's wishing your daughter all the very best up north (even if she is the wrong side of the Pennines!) Vicki in East Yorkshire

  2. Thank you Vicki. This week I am doing as little travelling as possible!

  3. Wishing Steph every happiness up here in the North. My girls love Manchester, the younger living in the city centre, and the older about 5k out.

  4. I think you need a rest now, Ang! Good to know that Steph has a nice place in a lovely part of the country.

  5. Ang, I have two knitting pattern booklets that may be of use to you for things for your young friend's AG doll. There are patterns for a ballet outfit, a riding outfit, brownie outfit amongst others. I can email photos if you like. If they would be of any use to you just let me know.

    1. Thanks so much! would be very interested to see these

  6. Good luck to your daughter, hope she has some warm clothes for "up north"!

  7. Best wishes to your daughter! Sounds exciting.

  8. Quite a trip. I think I know more or less where those apartments are and they are lovely


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