Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Going, Going, Gone...

... back to the Charity Shop! I  picked this up the day before my trip to Albania to read on the plane. In the end I was busy knitting and chatting and looking out of the window down.  I finally read it when I got back. 
I'm pretty late to the party here.  I imagine lots of you have already read this one and/or seen the Ben Affect and Rosamund Pike film. 
"A book you'll be begging other people to read,  just so you can discuss it with them "says the blurb on the back cover. 
Well,  no.  I  am not! In the beginning I thought it was a an intriguing read,  with a clever bifurcated plot. Then I got irritated by both main characters. Then I ceased to care!  I understand the author rewrote the ending for the film.  
Some parts were just a bit too contrived,  other sections not at all credible. Maybe the film is a little better.  
Perhaps you enjoyed it.  But I  am not sure I'd recommend it, if you haven't read it.  Rating this one just **


  1. Good morning, I agree with you about this book. We read it in our book group not long after it was published. None of us (8 in the group) enjoyed it as we felt the characters were not credible or sympathetic. We did not score it but I think 2 stars is about right. I have not seen the film because of my feelings about the book and I do not like Ben Affleck as an actor. Whatever he stars in he is always Ben Affleck rather than the character he plays. Any way I think this book had so much hype bandied about on publication is was one of those "must reads" with sadly to say a lot of style above content. Wishing you a lovely day. Sue H.

  2. Thank you for such a full comment. My daughters- in their 30s - thought that the book was not really aimed at my age group, which is probably right. But yes, too much hype for too little real content. Thanks again - blessings x

  3. My daughter, who is a film student, has seen the film and thinks it is excellent although she doesn't think I would like it (too violent). I thought the book was awful. I'm not sure I finished it. Mainly, like you say, because I don't suppose I am the target audience.

  4. I am a complete rebel over reading Popular OF THE MOMENT books. I have purposely ignored this one (and 'Me before you' etc although I accidentally watched this on the plane so now I want to read it!) so I will do so for a while longer. I did the same over Titanic the movie and I STILL haven't seen it almost 20 years on!!


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