Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Utterly Bananas!

My February Pointless Gadget of the Month has to be this Banana Slicer. 
Isn't this remarkable? It costs £7.95 plus postage. 
You feed the banana in at on end, press the top and voila! 5 perfect slices of banana. 
Repeat the exercise till your entire piece of fruit is chopped up.
I am not sure what you do when you get near the end and find your piece isn't quite long enough. I suspect there is rather a lot of banana-wastage. 
This gadget would take up a fair bit of drawer space too
And those little blades- how difficult will they be to clean if your banana is squishy?
What if you want to slice your banana very finely, or very thickly, or even on the diagonal? Oh, wait a minute, if you need thick, thin or diagonal, you could use a knife.
Like these...
I bought a set of these Swiss paring knives years ago - I have one in Norfolk, and one here, and gave the third one away. They are brilliant, and the sheath keeps the blade safe in the drawer. They slice bananas and a lot more besides. And they cost less. 
Do share any pointless gadgets you've discovered...


  1. Oh dear! I can't imagine paying that for something so unnecessary!

  2. How entertainig, what a truly useless gadget! Thanks for sharing, it did make me smile. When I stopped to think about it maybe it might have some use for people who find knives difficult or dangerous, but really it looks like a fairly useless item.

  3. Love it! I had no idea there was such a gadget!

  4. Don't get me started on melon ballers! And garlic presses... So many useless gadgets! Cheers from Carole's Chatter


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