Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Cutting Things Short

During Steph's pre-move wardrobe sort she discovered this garment - which was too a little too short to be worn as a dress, too long as a tunic. Could I hem it at hip length, please? 
No problem - and I ended up with a strip of black and white knitted fabric.
That's now become a little jacket for Isla the AG doll.
Over the weekend I discovered that Isla's owner has a good friend who also received an AG for Christmas. I expect I shall be making a few garments for her too.
I received a lovely parcel in the post from another blogfriend on Saturday

Two books of knitting patterns for dolls' clothes- and a selection of floral fabrics. How very thoughtful! The riding outfit is great fun. Isla's owner often goes riding with this charity, so I suspect this one will be high on my want-to-make list

Thanks to everyone who provides me with the resources for these projects!


  1. Great use of left over fabric, love the little jacket you have made.

    That knitted horse riding set is fabulous. It should be fun to make and the fabric is very pretty, just in time for some spring/summer dressmaking.

  2. That is brilliant! I like the new top and the jacket!


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