Monday, 1 May 2017

I Love Lilac Time

Here's a vase of lilacs cut from the tree in our garden. I love the shape of the blossoms, and their beautiful fragrance.
When I was warden of an OAP scheme, years ago, there was a gorgeous lilac tree in the garden. I cut some blooms to place in a jug on the table in the entrance.
I was immediately told off by the residents- "This will bring bad luck, there will be a death in the house, remove them this minute"
I politely pointed out that I had never heard of this superstition "Didn't your Granny tell you?"
"Nope, she was a Christian and didn't believe such stuff. She used to have them in the house. And why did Vera Lynn sing 'We'll gather lilacs' if you weren't supposed to?"
They couldn't answer that one, but I didn't want a battle, so I quietly took the vase upstairs and enjoyed the blooms in my own flat where they couldn't see!
Having researched it, I discover this anti-lilac thing is quite widespread, but I shall continue to resolutely ignore it, and appreciate the glory and the perfume of these flowers.


  1. My nanny used to tell me exactly the same thing!

  2. I have heard that also, and the same with May blossom. Silly isn't it?

  3. I have never heard that. But it reminds me of last week, a guest to our ranch saw my 6 peacocks and had the similar reaction. Offered to shoot them for me right away because they bring bad luck. I worked hard to get those things established-- they have to be habituated to the location or they will wander away. I like the response-- We're Christian and don't believe such stuff!

  4. They are beautiful - what a shame about the superstition. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  5. They are gorgeous! I've never heard such a thing!

  6. My Granny also wouldn't have lilac in the house; when I visited, I used to cut some to take home and, as she had no back gate, I had to sneak it through her house while she wasn't looking!


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