Friday, 28 July 2017

Feeling Sluggish

It rained an awful lot on Wednesday. In the evening, Bob discovered four slugs in the kitchen [three on the floor and one on the worktop] I was utterly grossed out, and did loads of frantic cleaning at 11pm instead of going to bed. We are trying to locate their point of ingress. Bob suspects it is either the tiny gap round the waste water outlet pipe, or the place where a previous resident vented their tumble dryer.
Also spotted on the worktop, another interesting creature
But this is just part of my current knitting project, not a hairy caterpillar.
Steph suggested I left it there to act as a Slug Scarecrow [Scareslug?]
I have just announced that our church will be taking part again in the West Moors Christmas Tree Festival. This year we are knitting, rather than sewing our decorations.
On Sunday I gave out quite a few patterns - I discovered yesterday that Ferndown Wilko has completely sold out of green wool!
I will post more about the Festival when I get back from holiday. It is a little bit too soon to put Christmassy stuff on the blog.


  1. Good morning, we too have had one of these yukky slugs in our kitchen. I went in to feed the cat this morning and found one careering over the floor. Yuk, yuk and treble yuk. I hate them. My task for today, after I have scrubbed the floor with hot water and bleach, is to find out where it came in. Hope you enjoy your holiday. Regards Sue H.

  2. Hi Angela, I'd love to see the patterns you are using to knit the decorations. Last year I sewed some for our local Christmas tree festival.

    1. I shall post about the patterns in a couple of weeks time. Watch this space!

  3. Ohhh I look forward to the patterns. X

  4. We used to get stacks of slugs in our conservatory-they got in the gaps. Once I went out there and there were about 24slugs which I confess that I collected in an empty cracker box with the cat pooper scooper and poured salt in there. I feel mean about it now but I did feel very scared about the slime invasion!x


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