Thursday, 27 July 2017

Three Minute Thursday #3 - Crunch Time

Here are some ideas, which are quick and easy, for using up any celery which may be lurking in the fridge. Celery is an ancient veg - trivial fact - Howard Carter found that King Tutankhamen's tomb had been decorated with garlands of wild celery.  

Salads; Everybody knows Waldorf Salad contains celery [plus apple, walnuts, mayo and grapes or raisins] but a stick of celery diced and thrown into any salad gives a bit of extra crunch. 
Braised - when you roast a chicken, cut a few celery sticks in half and lay them round the bird in the roasting pan. They will make a lovely hot vegetable.

Crudités - [or Cruddites to rhyme with Luddites, if you must] One carrot, one stick of celery quickly washed and sliced, served with a small pot of soft cheese [or hummus or salsa]. A much healthier snack than a stack of crackers or Pringles...

Remember to save your celery leaves from the top as a pretty, instant garnish for soup

Canap√©s - pipe or spread soft cheese into the trough along a stick of celery then cut with a sharp knife. Use herbed cheese, or sprinkle plain with a little paprika/pimenton for an attractive contrast

Make a quick relish - this one goes well with roast or bbq chicken - Chop celery and cucumber into dice, add spring onions, seasonings and olive oil. A handful of cranberries, if you have them will add a hint of tartness and a pop of colour.

And never forget the celery curls - cut a stick into 5cm lengths, and make narrow cuts just halfway down. That will take just a few minutes. Leave these in a bowl of iced water in the fridge - come back later to twirly little garnishes.

More Celery Trivia - both Madame de Pompadour and Casanova believed celery to be an aphrodisiac. Mediaeval magicians thought if they put celery seeds in their shoes it would help them to fly.

And I am sorry, but it is a myth that 'celery helps you slim, because it takes more calories to chew a stick than are contained in that stick'. But is is full of water and fibre, which makes it a healthy snack.


  1. My husband abhors celery so we rarely use it!

  2. Some great ideas here, thank you, Ang

  3. We like celery with peanut butter, served the same way as your cream cheese idea.
    X x

  4. I like the idea of PB in celery, thanks for the suggestion, Fishcake!


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