Monday, 10 July 2017

Well And Truly Pampered!

We arrived at Champneys, Forest Mere just after 2pm on Friday afternoon.
I'd driven up from Ferndown, and met Liz at Liphook Station.

Everybody has a complimentary pair of flipflops - and a fluffy white dressing gown [the latter is strictly on loan for the duration of your stay, but you can keep them if you pay £25 - we didn't!]  There was a "No Mobile Phones In Public Places" policy, and also a request not to take pictures in the swimming pool/ gym areas. 
Our room was comfortable and well equipped. After unpacking, we had a swim, a sauna, a 'tropical rain' shower [then a 'cooling mist' one] We each had a facial and a relaxing back massage.  Then back into the whirlpool, followed by 45 minutes relaxing on beds in the Quiet Room. In the QR was a stack of glossy magazines to leaf through. 

I am not sure The Manse will ever get featured in English Homes. It is neither stylish nor tidy enough. We had a lovely view from our 'Juliet Balcony'. 
Our evening meal was delicious - I had cured salmon, Gressingham Duck and Chocolate Dome. Liz had Mackerel, Lamb and Cheesecake.
On Friday evening after our meal, we walked down to the Mere, seeing ducks, geese, and a heron [and lots of bunny rabbits]

We returned to one of the outdoor seating areas and enjoyed a coffee, before returning to our room.
Liz had thoughtfully brought a late night snack - as well as Jams, Bonne Maman also make delicious Madeleins!
Saturday morning meant a spinning class for Liz [the bicycle sort, not the wool-making] while I did some jogging and biking in the gym. Then I swam 10 lengths of the pool. I haven't swum that far for years
Time to relax with the newspapers and a coffee, and chat to the inquisitive ducks who were pottering around our table.
 Here we are, just about to go for our lunch.
A huge plate of food from the buffet - lots of salads, two small potatoes and a small jalfrezi chicken breast. Liz had passionfruit mousse which was good -my tiny pot of cinnamon rice pudding was just a little disappointing. Slightly over-spiced for my taste.
The walls were covered with displays of assorted dessert spoons.

There were impressive chandeliers made with hundreds of copper coloured egg whisks. You'll have to check out the website if you want to see more pictures of the place.

And then after lunch it was time to go home again. We seemed to have crammed an awful lot of eating, relaxing and exercising into our 24 hour stay.
Thank you to Champneys for giving us such a brilliant tiime - all the staff members were so friendly and helpful. And thank you to Bonne Maman for making it all possible [and especially my thanks to LIz - Rosie's Good Mother, and my Great Eldest Daughter]


  1. What a fabulous little getaway. Glad you two enjoyed yourselves :)

  2. This sounds a great reward for you both! It's lovely to hear of you actually relaxing and having a pamper!


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