Friday, 14 July 2017

Ticking** Over!

I've finished the caravan cushions! With a bolt of fabric and a tape measure plus sharp scissors, and pins and a sewing a heap of cushions waiting for the final hand stitched seams...
and finally [after 12 hours and 20 minutes*] a tidy stack of completed cushions in the hall.
And now the cushions are in place in the caravan - the large ones round the dining table, which goes down, so the cushions can be re-arranged into a double bed.The other side of the door are two smaller seats at another table, and these too go down to make a single bed.
I love the beach hut curtains, I think they go well with the deckchair striped cushions.

The caravan owners like them, which is the main thing.

* I had estimated this task would take 12 hours. I suspect that without the interruption of the costume-making-interlude, I would have completed it in the time allotted!
**ticking gets its name from the C15 word 'tick' meaning a mattress or pillow case. Closely woven fabric was needed for theses cases, to prevent the feathers and stuffing coming out, and so this fabric was called ticking.


  1. Fabulous work and I love the fabric.

  2. I had recently been thinking that I can't remember the last time I saw pillows on sale in that old blue and white ticking which all pillows used to be in. I never knew the etymology of ticking. Thank you.
    And the cushions are gorgeous,

  3. I love ticking! You know, I have some couch cushions that could use a makeover, and ticking would be just the thing! If only I knew someone up for the job ...


    1. You just pay my air fare and I'll be pop over the pond with my sewing machine!


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