Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Sitting Comfortably

The play costumes are out of the way - and this evening Bob and I will be going to see the production. But the sewing machine is back out again, because I have to finish the caravan cushions I started a few weeks ago.
The machine was out all day Monday, to do another couple of school dresses and the cushions.
All the main seams on the cushions are done, but each one has a final seam which must be stitched by hand.
The original covers were sewn on - and apart from removing the buttons I've left the cushions as they were. 
I discussed this with my friend, and we decided zips were too much work, and would add to the final costs. 

If there are any spills which need more than just a gentle sponging, she can always undo that last seam, and remove, wash and replace a cover.

Here they are waiting for the last stitches- and must be completed before Wednesday night's Alpha group!

My next cushion-covering is scheduled for after our summer holiday.
Before we moved here, we got rid of a number of office chairs which were surplus to requirements. Bob retained one for his desk here, and one for the office at the church, and I just kept one for my desk. 
But a few months back, mine cracked across the seat.
It was a very cheap IKEA model, but became unusable - and sadly proved unfixable. 
Coming home from church on Sunday we spotted a chair sitting on a drive, with a Help Yourself sign. So we did [I did knock at the door and say I was taking it - the lady seemed very pleased]
It is actually a hairdresser's chair, she told me. But you can see the leatherette cover has a small split. Other than that it is very comfortable.
I've recovered chairs before [here   and here] so this shouldn't be too hard!

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  1. You are such a busy little bee, Angela.
    I look forward to seeing the chair when it's recovered.


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