Saturday, 31 March 2018

Easter Ideas For Children

I'm sorry - I mean to post about this last week and I forgot. If you have children [or grandchildren] getting under your feet, then here are a few ideas which may help.
The Bible Society has again come up with the goods for telling the Easter Story in a different way - there is a video to watch, and lots of other resources. We shall be doing the adventure trail around the church premises tomorrow. I think it would make a good family activity with a little more purpose than the usual egg-hunt.
We shall also be making some woolly Easter lambs. The idea for these came from the wonderful "Easter - 50 activities- Fun things to make and do" book, published by Lion. This was a thankyou gift from my friends Lynne and Lars after I lent them our Nativity Costumes at Christmas. It was an inspired present- I have had so much fun looking through the ideas in it.
Here's a collage of a few of them...

I was so impressed with the variety of crafts and fresh ideas, that I took the book into one of the school where I have been doing supply to show my colleague. She is a hardworking classroom assistant [aren't they all?] who shares my love of kids' craft. She was very taken with the ribbon-tied egg card.
I was delighted to receive such a card from her class on Thursday [see top left] All the children had signed it for me.
Eight years ago, a blogfriend asked me how she could explain the Easter story to her young children. She was concerned that the crucifixion etc would be upsetting for them. This is the letter I wrote them
Even if you do not want to make the Easter story, and the joy of resurrection part of your weekend, I think it is still good to help children see beyond the chocolate, to the ideas of loving and giving, and spring and new life.
I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to being in Norfolk with all my family tomorrow evening!

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  1. That’s a marvellous letter. Enjoy the weekend and your time back in Norfolk.


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