Saturday, 24 March 2018

The Doctor Will See You Now

Isn't phlebotomist a fabulous word? I remember years ago, hearing that one of the American Presidents [Nixon?] was suffering from phlebitis - and I was sure the announcer had said flea-bite-is!
Of course, these words derive from the Greek
phlebo - pertaining to a blood vessel
tomia - cutting off
Phlebotomy is the process of making an incision in a vein with a needle, and the procedure itself is properly called a venipuncture.
I am not very fond of needles and blood tests, so try to take my mind off what is happening to my arm by pondering on long words and medical terms. A recent visit to our surgery to see the phlebotomist [nothing serious, just a routine cholesterol test[] was such an occasion. 
I hadn't been in her room before, down a different corridor in our extensive, and efficient, Doctors' Surgery. When I came out, I knew that I had to follow a different route to find the exit.
I reached the end of the corridor to be confronted by these doors and their mysterious signs

I looked up 
on Google 
when I got home
And wished I hadn't!

But most intriguing
of all
Is the patient dressing inside the cupboard?

<< Way Out   
Way Out>>

It reminded me of a postcard which I once received from my Auntie. It said "I'd like to help you out - which way did you come in?"


  1. Haha!! Those doors certainly are confusing!x

  2. You must be relieved to know that you have " discerning medical practitioners " staffing your surgery !


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