Friday, 2 March 2018

Women's World Day Of Prayer 2018

This is the largest global ecumenical prayer movement planned by women – but including everyone, women, men and children. It has been happening for around 150 years, it started in Canada, and came to Britain in the 1930s.
There are over 5000 services in UK – and worldwide, in almost 200 countries, with the service translated into about 90 languages. This year's service, from the women of Suriname, reflects God's Good Creation . WWDP is always held on the first Friday in March – the first services beginning in Samoa, and moving across the earth, like a great Mexican Wave of Prayer - millions of people with one theme
Here are two prayers from the WWDP Magazine Together in Prayer, written by friends of mine, members of our National Committee.

When I see a starry night, a harvest moon, the sun rise, a rainbow frame the sky
Or hear the crash of waves on a stormy day, the thunder roll, gentle birdsong or a baby's cry,
When I smell freshly baked bread, newly mown grass, laundry just in from the line, a delicate rose
Or feel the touch of rain, sand between toes, a handshake, a fall of snow,
When I taste the saltiness of sea air, fresh fruit or veg, 
I think how blessed we are.
All God-breathed, God-inspired, God-sustained,
And I am filled with a profound sense of His good creation.
[©Louise Bowes/WWDP]
God of creation and lord of life. You entrusted us to care for our environment, but in many parts of the world, we have failed. Help us to realise how fragile and unstable our surroundings are, because we are not looking after your creation. We need to be true stewards and to understand how the most insignificant little flower, the tiniest insects, each creature and individual people are all part, of a wondrous whole
[©Margaret Pickford/WWDP]
I hope you are able to attend a WWDP service today, but if not, perhaps you'd spare a moment in your day, wherever you are, to join the millions around the world who will be praying.
PLEASE  NOTE - a number of areas have postponed their services today due to the adverse weather conditions. Do check your local one is still happening before you venture out!

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