Thursday, 29 March 2018

We Are Into SS18 - Are You Ready?

The clocks have gone forward, so according to the fashionistas of this world, we should now be into SS18 fashions [that's Spring/Summer 2018 clothes, for the uninitiated]
In my case, that means not wearing an extra tee shirt layer under my jumper. [I no longer possess a woolly vest or a Liberty Bodice now I am a grown up.]
But I was reading an article in the free John Lewis magazine on the train this week. According to the fashion director of The Times, I need to "reboot my wardrobe", and find some "everyday luxe pieces that will reinvent [my] look for the new season"
What on earth does that mean? I thought. But reading on further, it is clear that I need a capsule wardrobe which will put me at the cutting edge of style for the summer months.
For instance, this dress, a snip at £89. The article says it is magic - because "it will prove your preternaturally flexible friend. Make like the fashion pack and layer it over separates"
Yeah, right! I am not even sure what that sentence means!

Then there is the jumpsuit. The writer says "I feel it is my job on this earth to persuade any remaining resisters as to the power of the jumpsuit"
Well there's a great life ambition for you...she goes on to say that a jumpsuit is "The most youth-endowing item of clothing you cab sport as you get older"
Well, apart from the fact that everybody is getting older by the second,I would take issue with her on this one. The model in the photo is tall and slim, and the £85jumpsuit has cropped legs.
She has to be at least a foot taller than me.
So If I wore the outfit, I would not look younger, I'd be struggling in an outfit with legs which would trail on the ground - rather than making me look ten years younger, I suspect I'd look like a painter and decorator in overalls.
I have doctored the photograph to show the model with shorter legs, so you can see what I mean!

The article also advises me that "mixing upscale with athleisure has become a fashion perma-trend, with us season after season"

What does all this mean?
I clearly have no fashion sense at all. My one wardrobe addition this season has been a floaty Monsoon dress, a lovely floral print in spring colours, to wear on Easter Sunday. It was just £6 from a CS - and the assistant said "I am so glad you are buying it - three other people have tried it on and it didn't fit them"
I hope those of you struggling to reconcile your upscale athleisure permatrend are succeeding - and that your preternaturally flexible friends bend over backwards to help you enjoy the Easter Weekend!

One other unrelated thing that has amused me greatly this week - take twenty letters- and depending on how you space and punctuate them, you get two complete different outcomes
can be either
There's a Maypole Dancer!
Theresa May, Pole-Dancer...
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  1. I had a good laugh at the pole dancing! As far as fashion goes, I wear what makes me feel good (and fits) now I am a bit older. It is no good me yearning to wear fashions I wore first time round in the 1970s (jumpsuits), I would just look silly.

  2. Ha! love the May Pole.
    Eldest Daughter who's the textile print person at Phase8 is already working on spring summer 2019. I expect she would understand the fashionspeke but I haven't a clue

    1. I love Phase 8 stuff - but it's beyond my price range.

  3. Oh, my! I wonder what our fashion magazines are telling us to do!

  4. The bigger the words the dafter these write- ups get.

  5. errr... haven't the clocks gone forward?!

  6. You have given me a good chuckle! I was on a Fashion site this morning that I really enjoy (she is very practical and also has problems with these yearly dictates of what we MUST have)! We have all been talking about having our own particular "uniform" - what we like, what works for our lifestyle, what we are comfortable wearing, and what we can afford.
    I am barely 5'2" tall and - shall we say , pleasantly plump! I'd look like I was wearing my grandmother's curtains with that floral number and I have never, ever been tempted to buy a jumpsuit - I pee too often and too urgently for that to ever be an option. And yes, this is an issue that male designers just don't take into account. A few years ago about 8 of us were travelling home after a nephew's birthday - it had been out in the country and it was quite the drive - one of my nieces just couldn't make it - we had to pull over on a dark country road to let her pee - and yes, she was wearing a jumpsuit. She practically had to do a striptease on the side of the road! Luckily traffic was light and we were able to screen her but we all had giggling fits - she never wore that jumpsuit again! :-)

  7. My reasons for not liking jumpsuits are exactly the same as Margie has cited. I don't like the idea of essentially having to strip to naked if I need the loo in public! Also, my problem is the opposite of you- my legs are too long and inevitably, the legs on the jumpsuit would not be long enough. Plus, I don't fancy looking like a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger!

    I increasingly just can't get excited by clothes in shops- charity shops are different! I have a pretty navy floral dress to wear for Easter Sunday that is for TARDIS Tuesday!

  8. That model looks like she could do with a decent meal as well


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