Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mothering Sunday

I did a morning's supply work on Friday - the children were making cards for Mother's Day. I explained to them that I always call it by it's original English name, Mothering Sunday. I said that we would be giving out flowers on Sunday to every lady in our church, whether or not she was a mother - and that if they had already made Mum a card, then they could make another for a gran, or auntie or good friend. 
One sweet little girl said she was fostered, and that her foster Mum had said they'd be making a card for her real Mum that evening- so please could she make her card for her foster Mum? Wow! It sounds to me as if that FM is doing a great job there, and well deserves the card.
I hope that all you women out there get some sort of treat today- I've been blessed with a beautiful bouquet [from Bloom & Wild- and called 'Rosie', which made me smile]
But I shall really miss seeing the girls - it is a shame that we couldn't meet up last weekend due to the snow.
The Shakespeare quote ['though she be but little, she is fierce'] was a Christmas gift from one of my girls. 
I think mothers should be fierce in defending and protecting their children - but also gentle and loving. We'll be doing a quiz about Biblical mothers in the service this morning, good, bad, fierce and gentle ones.
Enjoy your day

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