Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Poop! Poop!

Sadly not the happy sound of Mr Toad driving around...
...but rather the very generous gift of a seagull last Tuesday on our lovely day out together.
My beautiful yellow SeaSalt jacket was liberally bespattered all down my left sleeve and over my back.
Bob leapt to the rescue and was able to remove most of the offensive material with a handful of tissues. 

Fortunately it happened as we were about to come home and not at the start of the day. The other good thing was that I had recently purchased [on offer for National Trust members] a twin pack of NikWax TechWash, and Wash-In Waterproofing. I have had the jacket for 15 months and it was beginning to look grubby anyway. So I tried it out.You wash the garment in the machine with the first liquid, then, without removing it from the machine, wash again with the second [short spin]. 

Then you allow the garment to dry naturally. It was all very straightforward - and I have to say I am really pleased with the result. The grubbiness on the cuffs had gone, and there are no traces of the green and brown bird-poop stains. I was initially sceptical- it all seemed too easy, but this was an excellent result. The NT offer has finished, but you can pick up these twinpacks online for less than £10, and that is enough to treat 3 garments. 

It was certainly worth it to restore my jacket to a clean, re-proofed sunshine yellow condition.
This post was not sponsored by NIkWax - but I wanted to endorse these products because I think they're good...and I know that a number of you out there have yellow waterproof jackets from one manufacturer or another, and may be considering splashing out on a bottle of two.


  1. Oh NO!!! WHAT awful luck!!! I'm very glad you had contingency plans!! I also own a yellow Seasalt coat so I will take your advice-mine is looking v grubby and I've had it a while!!

  2. You can also get the spray on version of the direct wash in but it's a bit of a faff if you over-spray!!!

  3. Glad you had what was needed to restore your jacket, Angela. :)


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