Saturday, 3 March 2018

Not By Bread Alone...

Why does everything seem to come at once? Here we are in Lent, and for many of us that means remembering Jesus' temptations in the desert. At one  point, he answered the Devil with the words from Deuteronomy 8 - Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. The first half of that verse certainly gets quoted all over the place, not always in a faith context. There are so many different 'food related' events being marked right now...
But here we are in the middle of Real Bread Week
This is an encouragement to consumers to buy real bread from proper local independent bakeries [or to make their own] and eschew the White Sliced Chorleywood Process offerings in the supermarket. 
Read more here. Can I put in a word for two independent bakeries near me...
The wonderful Bakehouse 24, in Ringwood. I could sit here all day, drinking the coffee, and watching them knead the sourdough.  I reviewed them here back in 2016. My other favourite local bakery is Pandora's in West Moors. These are the people who produce a gluten free loaf for us whenever we have communion at church, so that everybody can share in the one loaf. [I am always sad when the coeliacs are excluded, or have to have a morsel of rice cake instead. How is that 'communion'?] And yes, Real Bread Week 2017 was in May - but that was felt to be too close to Sourdough September so RBW got moved!
And once again it is Fairtrade Fortnight. One of my Lent Challenges has been to be more pro-active about Fairtrade Goods. I think I did particularly well this year - I found Rosie a pair of Little Green Radicals Fairtrade pyjamas. I suspect she will probably soon become a LGR if she isn't already.
The final one I wish to mention is slightly different. This week is marked, globally, as Eating Disorders Awareness Week. 
While you are giving up chocolate for Lent, eating a piece of Sourdough toast, or peeling a Fairtrade banana, spare a thought for those whose lives are blighted by Eating Disorders.
These are complex issues, affecting men as well as women - and impacting whole families.
If you want to find out how you can help someone struggling with eating disorders, or get help yourself, then please check out Mercy Ministries and New ID. I would personally recommend these two organisations, who do amazing work. [or email me if you'd like an off-blog conversation]
All these special events- certainly food for thought...

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