Saturday 21 December 2019

Eating A Christmas Pie #2

Well I've heard of 'rubber chicken' but a comment overheard in Lidl this week still has me giggling. There we were, idly looking into the desserts freezer, and Bob was trying to buy a cheesecake - and I was being firm and saying No!
I know he's half Belgian, I know he has loved Speculoos biscuits since childhood...but the Doctor did mention the weight thing. OK I admit, the whole idea of food has made me feel ill this week, so I wasn't really being fair. Perhaps I'll relent later. Maybe.
Anyway, alongside the Belgian dessert was an Italian one. 
"Ooh pass me one of those, love" said the woman to her husband "I really like those silicon tarts"
Lidl have quite a few silicon products in their Deluxe range - pasta sauce, marmalade, wines.
I notice they don't have silicon chips though!
[and I know a tart has no lid, so it isn't really a pie, but I'm not up to findingwitty titles today]


  1. Both desserts look good to me! Much better than the banana I am eating now!

    1. But a banana is probably the more healthy option

  2. Posting pictures of delicious food this early in the morning should be banned!! :-)

  3. I can't say I like silicon food! LOL

  4. I was SO hungry when I read this in the car yesterday!!!


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