Monday 30 December 2019

Presents and Presentation

Now all the gifts have been delivered, I can show you how I used my WeRMemoryKeepers envelope punch board to make them look smart. I found a calculator online which gave me measurements so I could make boxes in the right size.
First up "Little gifts" - bars of Ritter Sport Chocolate. 

They look much better in a custom made box don't you think?
And the gifts I have been making are Waxwraps. I had a day when I strung string all round the kitchen cabinets and hung the wraps out to dry. 
There are 3 sizes of wrap in each pack. 
100% cotton fabric, 100% food grade beeswax, and a cardboard packet. I'm quite pleased with these [I hope the recipients are too] 


  1. I agree-the Rittersport bars look really good in this form. The wax wraps are a great idea. One of your ones is currently covering a bowl of coconut chutney in our fridge. I was given some for Christmas too by my Dad, Stepmum.

  2. The custom made envelope boxes are very clever! I am sure the wax wraps were well received. I have been thinking of making some for myself, but, first, I need to find the beeswax!

    1. I bought a bag of granules from the Internet. Do make sure its 100% food grade though (some wax for candlemaking is cheaper, but not as pure)

  3. This is the first I've heard of homemade wax wraps, but now I very much want to make some. Maybe for next year's Christmas presents! Thank you for sharing.

    Happy New Year!


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