Wednesday 11 December 2019

What A Winter Wonderland!

As we did last year, we again went into Bournemouth to look at the Tree Wonderland. This event is nothing like the size of Manchester's Lightopia - but it is free, and open to all. 
At 6pm, we parked up at the top of one of the shopping streets, and strolled down towards the Christmas Market. 
Bratwurst, Fudge, Waffles, Elf Hats, Warm Scarves, Whimsical Door Hangers, Mulled Wine, Churros, Chocolates - we looked but did not buy! Then we did buy a portion of chips each and strolled through the gardens admiring the trees.
It was very pretty. The trees were exactly the same ones as last year [But in slightly different places]And at least this year the tall one with the tunnel through was illuminated [in 2018 it had broken]
Once we got to the Pier, we walked right to the end and looked at the waves and ships blinking their lights out in the Channel.
Then we turned and looked at the sweep of the bay - and all the properties, large and small, which line the coast.
We walked back up to the car - stopping to buy hot chocolate en route.
How fortunate we are to have such a lovely display on our doorstep.
It was good to see so many families out enjoying the lights - children squealing with laughter, lots of oohs! and aahs!. There were competent skaters taking a turn on the ice [and others clutching wildly to the partners, or the edge of the rink, desperate not to slip over] There were many couples [like us] strolling hand-in-hand, looking at the lights on the trees, but also with lovelight in their eyes.
I did enjoy it - a walk in the park, a bag of chips and cup of hot chocolate hardly counts as an extravagant Date Night - but it was all I needed to fill me with a warm glow of happiness. Thank you Bob
The brief video has much better pictures than I could take - including lovely aerial shots of the Pier and the Big Wheel


  1. It sounds delightful! Glad you had a fun, romantic walk with the lovely Bob. Chips and hot chocolate are a great bonus!


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