Thursday 26 December 2019


An Italian word, meaning "to eat with joy, with no intention of stopping" and I picture a huge Italian family at Christmas, seated at a long run of tables, on mismatched chairs, people of all ages - babies through to white haired Nonnas - laughing and eating and drinking.
There are around 1000 of you every day, who read this blog, friends from all over the globe.
Maybe you have been able to enjoy a sense of sgargarozzare  this season, maybe not.
You may have eaten your Christmas meal with a host of family members or close friends
Or perhaps served up meals in church halls, hostels, or school halls, to the homeless, the hungry and the needy.
Or sat with a loved one who is too sick to appreciate all the festivities
Maybe you've been with just one other special person and had a quieter day
Perhaps this year has been tinged with a sadness, because someone precious is no longer at the table with you.
If you're in the Antipodes, lunch may have been on the beach - Canadian and Scandinavian readers will have dressed warmly and perhaps had to shift the snow from the path.
Perhaps you have been busy with work in the services - [the emergency services, the motorway services, the church services]
Or of a different faith, or none, perhaps Christmas isn't such a big deal.
Wherever you are, however you have spent your Christmas, I pray you will have had good food to eat, and had a day of joyful moments.
Thank you for reading Tracing Rainbows - I raise my glass to you, and echo Tiny Tim's Christmas Toast "God bless us, every one!"


  1. Thank you, Angela, for always inviting us to sit and share a virtual meal with you through your blog, for your warmth, friendship, and acceptance. May you and your loved ones be abundantly blessed, this Christmas and in the coming New Year.

  2. And thank you for writing Tracing Rainbows, hope your Christmas was the best possible.

  3. I hope you had a warm and merry Christmas and I wish you a healthy, happy and fulfilling new year!

  4. Thank you, Angela. I am one of those white-haired Nonnas!!(well, a little bit silvery actually).


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