Saturday 28 December 2019

Left Holding The Baby

Rosie has been playing with dolls at Nursery, and so Liz suggested we might get one as her Christmas present. My First Baby Anna Bell [With sleeping eyes! ] Liz suggested a baby sling would be a helpful addition.
Rosie loves her. She carries the doll in two positions - facing her, or looking outwards. 
I used a simple pattern I found online [here
You simply cut and sew four straps - two long, two short. Then take a long thin rectangle. Pin the straps in place, fold up the lower half, and seam round [leaving a gap for turning.]
Turn out and sew up the gap. Done! 
The short steps tie round Rosie's waist. Dolly sits in place, top straps go over the shoulders, cross at the back and tie at the front. 
It was an easy job - you could make it even faster by using a handkerchief, some lengths of ribbon and four safety pins! 


  1. Rosie looks like a doll, herself! But, the doll sling is very cute!

  2. That's such a clever idea! Well done to you!

  3. So cute with Rosie and the doll! The doll sling is very nice!

  4. Thank you Marit, Gud velsigne deg I julen


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