Wednesday 2 September 2020

Bang! Bang!

On Saturday morning, exactly one week after the glass vacuum flask exploded, I had another glass crisis. I was picking up the tablemats to wipe them, when one shattered as I put my hand on it. This happened once before [August 2011] It's not as nasty as the flask incident - this time the glass is in small pieces, like a shattered car windscreen. But a shock nonetheless.

If any glassware at Cornerstones decides to explode at 10am next Saturday, I won't be there to deal with it. I'm home again in Dorset now.

And like the tablemat, I too am utterly shattered. So don't be surprised if I'm not blogging as enthusiastically as normal. I have lots of jobs - and sleep - to catch up on.


  1. Oh, my! As long as you didn't get cut from the shards of glass, all is well. Hope you get plenty of rest and have time to catch up on all the jobs waiting for you. :)

  2. Oh dear ! I,m jinxed with glass too , I,m terrified of glass objects .

  3. So glad you weren't hurt - but must have been a bit of a shock!
    Enjoy being at home and give yourself a rest.

  4. Oh no!!! I often think such small nuggets as safety glass would make excellent seagrass gems, if only there was a safe way to deposit it in the sea! Not that I'd advocate throwing rubbish in the sea of course!

  5. How extraordinary! Hope you can manage some rest and relaxation.


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