Wednesday 9 September 2020

Blooming Marvellous!

I'm not what you would call green-fingered. And until I came to Ferndown, I'd never had orchids. But in January 2016, I was given one as a gift, and then another in November 2018. The first had one or two flowers each year, the second lost its original blooms, and never recovered. I asked my friend Jenny about it - she had some orchids on her windowsill. She instructed me in watering techniques, and gave me some orchid food. Here they are, March 2019, looking very healthy. I was given a third plant in Autumn 2019. It had a couple of white blossoms.

Then I went to Norfolk - initially I thought it was for 4 weeks. "Please Jenny, can you look after my orchids?" I said. "I can't expect Bob to water them etc for a month, he has enough to do." and she generously kept the blooms fed and watered - and when the 4 weeks turned into twelve she kept on feeding and watering [and provided Bob with some casseroles and curries too] This week I finally got back my three four plants. One of them had actually had a baby in my absence.

Look at these, aren't they fantastic? 

That white one is utterly stunning. The blooms are huge

Jenny, you are amazing! Thank you.


  1. Wow!!! I didn't have any luck with the orchids I was given. Amazed it had a baby!

  2. Nice when you have a friend who knows what they are doing. I once had to go away and left my OH in charge of my two orchids, now I’m not at all green fingered but I do know you have to keep orchids moist, well he put them in our very hot all glass porch for three weeks, I forgave him, he’d tried.

    1. I just knew that Bob was so busy, I couldn't expect him to look after them - whereas Jenny has a strict regime for her orchid care, so mine just joined in with her plants.

    2. Regime of the Orchids sounds like a possible film or book title!

  3. They look lovely! My mother could grow orchids and did. I, on the other hand, cause them to die if I so much as look at them! :D


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