Monday 28 September 2020

Commercial Break

I'm not always up to date with adverts. I tend to record things and zizz through the commercial breaks. However I have recently been watching something on UKTVPlay, and you don't get a choice about these things. If I am not outside filling the kettle, or nipping to the loo, I do watch the ads. But I am obviously showing my age -because some of them make absolutely no sense to me at all. Steph, who knows about such things, would probably tell me that is because these particular ads are not aimed at my age bracket. I suppose I start concentrating on Wiltshire Farm Foods, Stannah StairLifts, and Royal London Funeral Plans [the people in that all wear purple clothes]

But can anybody explain to me why that poor lady is carrying a donkey on her shoulders before she eats her Super Noodles?

And that Smirnoff one

It sounds to me just like the tune to the popular American Christmas Carol "O Holy Night"

And as for the WHO Peppa Pig Handwash advert - for a start, the little song only lasts 10 seconds - you would have to sing it four times to ensure WHO level cleanliness. It is all about "Wash your hands" - so why does Mrs Badger get them to say "Wash our hands". And with the scrubbly bubbly lather, you cannot check whether they are properly doing fronts, backs, fingers and wrists...

Bob said he thought my hand wash song was better [well, he would, wouldn't he?]
But I do like the new John Lewis Advert - having spent the summer with a bright little girl who frequently delighted in putting on a show for Mum and Dad when they collected her from Grandma's Nursery.

My foray into advertising is doing OK. The knitting machine was collected on Sunday afternoon, by a young woman collecting it on behalf of her auntie. "She had one years ago and now wishes she had still got it, she's been on the lookout for ages" She insisted on paying £5 above the asking price too. Satisfying result all round, methinks.


  1. I'm glad the knitting machine sold and someone appreciated how reasonably you priced it. I don't understand a lot of adverts either. They're just too much! Hope you are well.

  2. I agree with you about the TV ads, cannot work out what some of them are advertising. Another type I dislike are when well heeled personalities try and persuade elderly people (like me) to invest in saving plans which are notoriously poor value.

    1. Yes, I worry that some older people may be caught out. I dislike the gambling ads too - often it's the younger people who fall for those ones, with the promise of "easy money"

  3. Clever John Lewis, their advertisements are usually very good.

    1. My favourite was the little boy who couldn't wait for Christmas so he could GIVE to his family

  4. I enjoy watching the ads of other countries - so many of them are funny and nothing at all like our usual ads, here. O Holy Night is one of my favorite carols!


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