Tuesday 8 September 2020

Just Up The Road...

 ...you will find the town centre. Ferndown is the fifth largest town in Dorset* and so the centre has its fair share of coffee shops, charity shops and supermarkets [also opticians, pharmacists and undertakers - one third of the population is of pension age] 

When we arrived in 2015, we discovered a coffee shop next to the pharmacy - the Merchant of Venice. Decent Italian Coffee. Then that was sold and became The Flying Teapot. The cycle shop next door hasn't changed, nor has the aircon shop a little further up the road.

Sadly, the owner of the Teapot, Luke, was very ill and died around Christmas time. The shop was closed up and looked very forlorn. But six moths later, things started happening. While I was in Norfolk, Bob reported that a skip had appeared outside, and was being filled with rubbish, and the windows had been whitewashed so you could not see what was happening.

Then on 18th August, the shop re-opened - still an eatery - but with a new name. Love All Food. Bob and his mate Alan [who used regularly to meet together at The Teapot] went down to check it out...Bob reported back to me [I was still in Norfolk of course] that he'd had a great breakfast

The Lovell family who run Meridian AirCon Company, just a few doors up had bought out the Teapot. The name is a play on their surname  - Lovell Food = Love All Food. Abby and Adam are in charge, The decor inside is fresh and different, and they have a good range of food on offer. 

The takeaway cups etc are from the Decent Packaging Company [ plant based and completely biodegradable and compostable] The Coffee is from the ethical Bad Hand coffee company [Bournemouth based, so anopther local business]

Jenny and I went for coffee last week. We'd both already had breakfast, and 10am was too early for lunch. I asked if we could just have toast - we each had two huge slices of delicious bread, with butter, jam and marmite.The coffee was good too. That's Jenny's "Patient Face" [Angela is taking pictures for the blog...again...]I asked if I could photograph inside and blog about it [after last Saturday's post, I need to practise what I preach, and support local businesses] and they were happy for me to do that.[Thank Abby]

Service was prompt, and they were so helpful. Again, all the usual covid19 protocols were in place. The menu looks wonderful, I would definitely like to go for lunch sometime. More information on their Facebook PageEthical, ecofriendly, excellent menu, economical, extremely local...this one ticks all the boxes. What's not to love about Love All Food?

[*after Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth, Christchurch - and then Ferndown - we are way bigger than Swanage, Dorchester, Lyme Regis etc...but most people haven't heard of us]


  1. Bournemouth will never truly be part of Dorset ( the Hampshire county cricket ground was in the town which tells you everything!), which makes Ferndown the fourth largest town in Dorset. I will have to take a detour to your coffee shop one day soon. Jx

  2. It's great to find a pleasant independent cafe and using good packaging too. I wish we did. There's one but I'm not that enamoured of it, poky, small. There's also a greasy spoon which again, I'm not so keen on.

  3. A friend and I went for a glass of wine and shared a pizza on Sunday evening. We can walk there and back comfortably and we were able to sit out on the patio with all Covid rules in place. It was delicious (my first pizza since lockdown) and we were happy to support a local business. They had a few tables filled inside - the patio was about 3/4 full and they were doing a great takeout business and said they were doing well overall so we were pleased to hear that.
    I hope your new cafe does well and you get to enjoy a lovely lunch very soon.

  4. It's Bob's day off and we have just been to a Livestream Funeral - so now we have come out to enjoy lunch together

  5. Sounds like a nice place for coffee or a meal. I wish them every success. I have not been brave enough to go out for a meal, yet, or, even do take out.


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