Saturday 5 September 2020

Norfolk - Bouncing Back!

That was the heading on a flyer from one of the political parties which landed on the Cornerstones doormat last week. It spoke of the enormous challenges which Norfolk faces, as the county approaches 'the next phase of coronavirus recovery' - and also reminded us of the opportunities to use what we have learned in Lockdown.

  • support a green economic recovery
  • celebrate our beautiful environment
  • build compassion and kindness into the 'new normal'

It encouraged people to play their part in helping the county bounce back - and to commit to supporting local businesses. I thought the little highlighted box which said "Self Isolating? Turn over for nine ways to help without even leaving your home!" was particularly useful. I'm back in Dorset, and there's a good chance that you, dear reader, are not in Norfolk either - but these pointers apply wherever you are. So I am sharing them here

  1. Shop locally - both on and offline [many small businesses have started online ordering, others accept telephone orders, and offer free delivery]
  2. Gift Cards - an immediate way to put cash into your favourite shop, salom or restaurant
  3. Order a takeaway - and call direct to see if they deliver [thus saving them Deliveroo fees]
  4. Leave good reviews - follow your favourites on local media, and amplify their messages
  5. Take part in online classes - is a local U3A, pilates class, choir etc online? and donate if you can
  6. Research before purchase - maybe you can use your local industrial estate or High Street rather than giant online tax-avoiding giants - often at the same price.
  7. Take a credit note rather than a refund - that leaves monies owed with the local business
  8. Buy Norfolk products - make a conscious decision to seek out locally made foods etc 
  9. Talk to your friends and family - encourage them in your quest to find the best local stuff

Half way between Cornerstones and Rosie's cottage, is Dann's Farm. It has been there as long as I can remember- but I I have to say that this is one of the local family-run businesses which she and I have been supporting wholeheartedly over the summer. And during lockdown, Hockering Village Shop has supplied some foodstuffs when Tesco couldn't - locally sourced, and fairly priced. Love your neighbour!

Do you have any good examples of local businesses deserving of praise and encouragement right now?


  1. It's years since I have been there but I remember Norwich market as being one of the nicest.
    I've just been to our local market which is just a couple of stalls but I am determined to support them.

    1. Norwich Market is brilliant. Even small markets deserve support too.

  2. Just yesterday I took a friend along to my hairdresser's salon and she was quite pleased with their set up and their location so she will be joining their client list. I had my second hair cut since reopening and will recommend them to others.
    I have eaten on the patios of a couple of local restaurants and have just ordered another new bra from the small shop where they do proper fittings. Luckily they keep our info online so I was able to get my correct size and the brand name and style so that I could order correctly. I purchased 1 last month - 1 this week and I will try to order 1 more next month (they are very expensive). I really do not want this place to go out of business.
    I'm going to hit a couple of small local shops next week for some loose tea and imported biscuits at one and some special cheeses at another. Wish I could do more.

    1. Sounds like you are setting an excellent example.

  3. I was just about to visit Mum for Mothering Sunday when we were locked down. I contacted a cafe local to her who were delivering cream teas, and ordered one. We got chatting and found we had mutual friends, and then when they discovered that Mum was in her 80s and unable to go out, they offered to deliver any shopping she might need as well. I'd just done a big online shop for her but couldn't get bananas, which she practically lives on, so they got some from the corner shop and added them to the tea. We've since used them for lots of cream tea treats for friends, and I know that some of those friends have gone on to order from them too. It was a delight, when things eased and we could visit Mum, to be able to pop in to the cafe and meet them.

  4. That is such a lovely story. What's the name of this caring Cafe ? Other people might be interested in using them !

  5. Quay Side Sandwich Bar, Gosport. They've also just taken on the local Bikers' Night because the usual venue shut down!


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