Friday 25 September 2020

I Love Niblings

No, not nibblings - snacks are not good for me - but niblings. I love this word- if brothers and sisters are siblings,  then nephews and nieces should be niblings. I have 1 niece on my side of the family, and 3 nieces, one nephew on Bob's side. The two oldest Almond nieces are expecting babies before Christmas. We're past the autumnal equinox, and the weather has turned- and so I got my knitting needles out. I dug out the Sirdar Baby Book which I bought when Rosie was born. I have definitely had my money's worth with this magazine. 

Already I have done patterns G,H, J, K and L - now I have knitted a jumper in pattern F - a fairly simple stocking stitch piece, with a cable strip up the front and a modern roll collar neckline.
I did it using some Sirdar Snuggly from my stash, in a soft pastel green colour - and found two perfectly matched buttons in my jar. 
Apart from the front, where the cable pattern took a bit of concentration, the rest of the jumper was quick and easy to knit. Ideal for relaxing in front of the TV. I knitted the 6-12 month size.

On Tuesday I was in Christchurch and walked up to the woolshop. Sadly they have reduced their opening hours because of the pandemic, so I couldn't go in to browse. The corner window had a cute display of baby jumpers showing all the colours in one of their ranges- and the side window had some girls' cardis knitted in Stylecraft Regatta - a pretty random dye yarn, which comes in 6 colourways. I quite fancy knitting one of these. I shall have to price it up. 
I've put my knitting machine online this week. It's not been used since 2015, and there isn't room at Cornerstones. I'm asking £15 for the machine, plus table, 3 extra carriages, a linker, pattern books, and 4500gm of coned yarns. It will be interesting to see if it sells.
I suspect that I am not the only person who doesn't enjoy knitting in hot weather - it is definitely an "only when there's an R in the month" activity for me!


  1. That sounds a bargain! What is a knitting machine then? How does it work?

    1. "Hand Knitting" - you have all the stitches on one needle, and knit them onto a second needle to make the next row. "Machine Knitting" has lots of needles with one stitch per needle, and a little carriage 'knits' the new stitch onto each needle as it moves across and makes the new row. This video shows how it works It is a completely different technique - but requires that you set aside a good chunk of time to set up, knit and put away. And its noisy! I prefer to have my hand knitting in a basket in the lounge, so I can do a few rows now and then.

  2. Wow someone's going to get a bargain! I used to love my knitting machine but lack of space meant I had to get rid of mine too. If it doesn't sell where you have it advertised and if you're on Ravelry, you could try selling on the UK Classified board there. I've seen a few knitting machines go quickly that way (collection only). Lovely baby knits. Have a good weekend, Angela and Bob.

    1. Oh that's a reallyy good idea. I hadn't thought about Ravelry, thankyou

  3. That is a very cute sweater! I like that mint green color. I knitted a sweater and overalls for my daughter in a similar shade of mint green, when I was expecting her.

    I hope your knitting machine sells. Your asking price seems quite low to me for all those items; I hope that whoever who buys it will consider it to be quite a bargain.

    I started knitting, again, this month, although I am not using wool, this time. The weather is still quite warm, though (going to be 100F+, next week).


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