Saturday 26 September 2020

The Tooth, The Hole, Tooth, And Nothing But The Tooth

I have been finding the weirdest things as I continue my ruthless decluttering. Like the dental mould from when I had a new bridge made in 2011. It cost around £500 to replace the bridge I first had in Millennium year. "You may want to keep this, in case you have any problems, said my dentist in Leicester, handing me the plaster mould in a little bag labelled "Angela Almond"

So I kept it. It used to be in the first-aid cabinet - quite when or why I moved it into the "fancy china" cupboard, and hid it behind Bob's Travelling Communion Set, I have no idea.

I have thrown it away. Yes, I realise that the current bridge is now approaching 10 years old and so may give up soon. But it seems OK. And I am sure that the dentist will make a fresh mould next time I need a replacement. I have a [much delayed] dental appointment in three weeks' time. Hoping there will be some progress made on getting my new crown. I am still chewing on the right side of my mouth, so as not to damage the 'temporary' filling installed back in February. 

Old joke- Why is "Abide with me" the favourite hymn of the dental profession?

Because verse two has the line "Change and decay in all around I see"


  1. It's amazing what we keep because it might be useful.

  2. Sewing machines, baking tins, husbands...

  3. Clever post title! Now I am curious to find out what else you might be keeping in the fancy china cabinet! :D I, too, had one of those old dental molds that my former dentist said to hold on to; I kept it for years before I tossed it!

  4. I had a mould of my teeth too...from when I went to the Eastmann dental hospital in Chancery lane to get a splint for me to wear over my teeth as I had this awful click, stuck jaw (still do!) . It was fascinating to see!

  5. Here in the US they don't give those to us, I wish they did. I never had one given to me. I hate dental work!! I almost faint every time I sit in that chair. Indeed when cleaning one finds a lot of things that we don't even remember we have.


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