Saturday, 13 March 2021

Drill, Flower Arranging And More

For years I was involved with the Girls' Brigade at church. Our Captain was Miss Johnston, and she was a gifted music teacher - who worked at the Girls' Secondary Modern School and then spent all the rest of her time working with GB. She was utterly committed to sharing her faith, and to encouraging girls to grow into capable, independent young women. 

This is the Explorer group in 1969 - Captain asked me to be one of the Young Leaders, and help with this group. I'm still good friends on Facebook with two of this crowd [Lesley and Joan - centre front - still awaiting their uniforms]  I'd rush home after school, do my homework and be back at church by 5.15, in full GB Uniform. First I helped these little ones, doing badge work, telling Bible stories, playing games, singing etc. All great preparation for a teenager who wanted to be a teacher - then it was time for the older girls to arrive.

As I have sorted and packed old photos recently, I have reminisced a lot about 'the old days' and my time in GB. Our programme was very varied- based on four sections- Spiritual, Educational, Social and Physical. We did drill and Figure Marching, and learned to swing Indian Clubs. [initially nobody wanted to do that, it seemed bizarre and old-fashioned. Then my Dad craftily pointed out that it was really good exercise for developing the bust. We all signed up then] We learned an incredibly diverse number of crafts and skills, and flower arranging was one which has proved useful ever since. My collection of flower vases is too big to take to Cornerstones - this week I have passed on three through the "Ferndown Kindness" Group [where you can recycle free items] I haven't had much need for figure marching or drill though. Bob has an excess of woodworking drills - so he's sold a vintage drill on another local site 

All the money from our online sales is going into the Removals Fuel Fund. Even doing it ourselves with a van is going to be quite costly - it is a 400 mile round trip and the van will have to make a couple of journeys.


  1. Well done on the decluttering!

    1. Thank you Bless. I need all the encouragement I can get in this never ending task!!

  2. It won't be long now, Ang, and you will be able to look back on this time thankful that you coped with it all. You are so organised.
    Indian clubs....?! Useful if you need protection, I guess.

  3. Sadly I do remember one GB session about keeping safe when we walked home, and staying in well lit areas etc. But nobody suggested we carried the clubs with us.

  4. I loved GB, but not the PE competition work. I did go early to do skipping though!


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