Thursday, 18 March 2021


 A few months ago, I posted this clever Bryan Bilston poem which I read in a book which Liz lent me, and I posted a picture of all the shopping bags which were lurking at Cornerstones. 
I'm like a magpie - I hoard bright pretty things


you have bags of bags

in your bags 

you keep more bags all bagged up 

in bags for life.

if there was a competition for number of bags

you would have it

in the bag

i don't know why you need so many bags

its not as if you have anything to put in them

except other bags.

Liz, my Chief Encourager in the decluttering, told me about the Magpie Project in Tower Hamlets. This charity helps women, who have children aged under 5, who find themselves in temporary accommodation.
Liz said currently they are appealing for cotton tote bags, to enable them to put together bags of clothes & toiletries etc for the Mums. 
With little or no effort, I have found a dozen cotton bags which I have ironed and parcelled up. 

A gift from a Dorset Magpie to the London Magpies. The less stuff I have, the fewer bags I need to carry it in, after all. Thanks for the suggestion, Liz

One for sorrow, two for joy
Three for a girl and four for a boy
Five for silver, six for gold
Seven for a secret never to be told


  1. That's very useful to know. I probably have spare cotton totes too. Liz knows about a lot of Good Things.

    1. Thanks Kezzie- and yes, I am very proud of my daughters!

  2. Large parcel of bags will go in the post today
    thank you Angela, amazed how many I found

    1. Thank you so much A. - I know they will be appreciated

  3. What a great idea! Last year I packed up a stack that I had accumulated and took them into the boutique that we run at the church - they are always put to good use.

    1. It is very easy to accumulate them - and it is very easy to pass them on for others to use!

  4. That's good that Liz helped you with locating a good use for the extra cotton bags. :)


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