Monday, 23 August 2021

Hop, Skip and Jump

The skip arrived at the weekend [I have given up all hope of an apple crop this year - my little tree is surrounded by heaps of earth, and only 5 of the original 28 apples remain on the branches!] I was very impressed by the skill of the delivery driver. He negotiated turning his vehicle in the parking chaos at the end of the close, and despite the car parked opposite, was able to position his truck and deposit the skip in exactly the right place.

As I watched him lowering the skip into place, I suddenly remembered a family holiday back in the 1980s. We were going to see Bob's father near Canterbury, and Bob had been telling the girls what things they should be looking out for en route. As we neared our destination, a voice piped up from the back of the car "Daddy, you said we'd see skips growing in the fields - but I haven't seen any yet!" - I guess when you are 5, hop and skip are interchangeable words!

Am I the only person who was in her 30s before realising that  jumpsuits were so named because they were worn by parachutists?


  1. Well, I'm in my 80th year and I never knew jumpsuits were named because of parachutists!

  2. Goodness, Angela. Here I am at 76 1/2 and only just learned from you how jumpsuits got their name. I would have guessed it was because you jumped into them to get dressed in a hurry.

  3. I have only just realised that! I am older than 30.

  4. Thank you all - I feel better now!

  5. I'm well into my 60s, and this was news to me. I don't think I've ever wondered why jumpsuits got their name! Celie

  6. Aged 40, didn't know. Logical though!
    I used to call Cranes 'rainbows when I was young. There used to be lots around and I would always excitedly say, "There's a rainbow!"

    1. I presume you mean the things on building sites, and not the birds?


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