Friday, 6 August 2021

Small Wonders

In 2019 and then again last summer, I blogged about Matteo Stucci, the young Italian pastrychef, who creates fabulous miniature scenes around his patisserie.[here and here]

Now here' s Tatsuya Tanaka again, I first mentioned  him in 2017 - a Japanese photographer who also makes miniature dioramas- this time with all sorts of everyday objects re-imagined. He has a great Instagram account. Do look at these!

Two gardeners working on Lego brick raised beds, whilst the washing machines at the Camera Laundrette are full of soapsuds
A guy thumps of the door of the pencil sharpener loo, and a Victorian housemaid seeks to iron the crinkles out of the Pringles.
Staple and paper clip treadmills keep the athletes fit, the swimmers prepare to dive off their audio mixer starting blocks - others hurdle the staples, and the ubiquitous blue face mask has become an Olympic Pool with lanes marked out.
Holiday time in Florida- some are sunseekers relaxing on a Peel Slope, others splash in the citrus pools. At the airport, they wait patiently on paperclip seats- and the Wallet Magazine store is full of folk browsing the periodicals.
The nylon bristle brush is a cool shower, and men are harvesting the Button Orchard.
A Sellotape Sushi bar serves up seafood, and a Lewis Hamilton wannabe prepares to climb into his thermometer racing car.
Tatsuya is a master of the Japanese art of mitate - literally "a new point of view." Often used to describe something that surprises a viewer, sometimes a visual metaphor or allusion, or something that is not exactly what it seems.

Tatsuya has been doing this for ten years now, and produces an online picture every day [calendar here] You can pre-order his Calendar for 2022 -- which has 53 pages including space for notes and schedule stickers. Let's hope we have more dates to put in our calendars next year. We might even go to a miniature Domino's Pizza Bar!


  1. Love these! People have such great imagination!

  2. These are simply wonderful, Angela. Thanks so much for posting them. I am going to share them.

  3. You see, this is why blogging is so much better than social media's "whizz" pace! I had the time to look at these and marvel. Thank you for sharing them, Angela!

  4. I'm so glad that other people enjoy these too - they are too good not to share


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