Monday, 30 August 2021

Maggie May [Or May Not] Be The One...

Rosie told Jolly about his second date in advance, and Jolly thought she sounded fun and couldn't wait to meet her. [actually I think Rosie was swayed by the red curly hair, and the pink blouse, she loves pink!]

Maggie, 60 – loves folk music and 60s pop. She dresses in floaty skirts, ethnic waistcoats, cheesecloth shirts . Maggie has wayward pre-Raphaelite curls [once red, now flecked with grey. Fanatical about crafts, always has a bit of knitting or crochet on the go, makes blankets for the homeless, jumpers for babies in Africa, and woolly hats for merchant seaman. 

Maggie goes to Glastonbury Festival every year, and also organises a group from her church to go to the Greenbelt Christian Arts festival. She plays the guitar badly and cannot sing in tune. She gave Jolly a lovely handknit scarf, just like the one she gave Father Dylan at the Christmas Night Mass. 

’s had lots of ‘gentleman friends’ – but never found one she could settle down with. When she met Jolly, she took him to a barbecue at a friend’s house. The flowers were beautiful, the food was outstanding – and there was cheerful folk music coming from the guys under the gazebo. 
Jolly enjoyed her taste in music, and her happy-go-lucky approach - but he did wonder if she was a little too free-spirited to settle down with him

The scarf was lovely - but maybe she would want to knit him crazy multicoloured jumpers too. Jolly is a very conservative dresser. He was not sure if, even after years in a postman's uniform, he wanted to change to a wild and wacky wardrobe.

Maggie certainly made the evening fun - and persuaded Jolly to try the vegetarian bbq alternatives [he'd never tasted hummus before] What a creative, artistic woman!


  1. Maggie sounds like fun but I suspect Jolly is a bit staid and fixed in his ways and he may not be ready to adapt to an adventurous relationship!

  2. I'm loving these threads. Thank you.

  3. I like Maggie! I like her purple skirt, too!

  4. He's so funny! Kind of shy, right? You're exactly right about his taste in clothes. In one of the books he does wear a cozy cardi and some house slippers! Carry on! Thank you, friend!

  5. So it's not love at first sight but the possibility of romance still exist. Maggie sounds like a very nice lady and her heart is in the right place. I like her.

  6. I like her style! Well, hopefully they can at least be friends. I suspect they both love "cozy" things. Enjoying the continuing adventures!

  7. Maggie is great and that is a nice colour skirt.

    All the best Jan


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