Friday, 27 August 2021

Jolly Meets Jill

Jolly The Postman, having recently retired, feels he is at last in a position to settle down and find a wife. His long and busy career with Royal Mail has meant long, unsociable hours, especially around Christmas-time. In the last few years, age has crept up on him, and when he gets home at the end of the day he is often exhausted and a teeny bit grumpy. He has been going to bed without having a proper meal, or with indigestion from rapidly eaten take-away food. A settled, balanced diet would be a good idea.

But now his time is his own, and he can enjoy the freedom of planning his days [and meals]  better. He wants find a companion to share his life - so PomPom has arranged for him to travel the globe in search of Mrs Write [excuse the pun, but he has spent his life surrounded by written communications] I found three women here who were interested in meeting him. The first is Jill...
Jill 58, is a cheerful widow, and extremely thrifty. “Make do and Mend” is her motto. She did an expert repair when Jolly’s suitcase split. She drives a little Toyota – but usually goes places on her bike. Her favourite clothes are jeans and slogan teeshirts during the week, and pretty dresses on Sunday [she teaches Sunday school] Her hair is blonde. Jill is a keen environmentalist and recycles and reuses everything she can. 

In "Normal Times" Jill is on the rota for the Lunch Club Cooking at her chapel - but that is currently closed for the pandemic. 

A wedding tea was happening on the day they met up, so she showed Jolly the church kitchen, and the tables set out for tea. Jolly had never seen so many fancy teapots! Jolly liked her Jill's caring nature, and her generous spirit. She seemed a very hard-worker.

Jill invited Jolly to share a home-cooked lunch in her little cottage. She showed him her little garden, where she grows lots of produce as well as colourful flowers. They had fresh bread, vegetable soup, and blackberry crumble [made with foraged blackberries] 

Jill is short, round and cuddly, and very loving. She made Jolly feel warm and happy inside. They enjoyed talking about their favourite books and programmes [they both like detective stories – and TV crime series set in Scandinavia] Jill also talked about her grandchildren- Jolly liked the idea of belonging to a bigger family, and having everyone over for tea - especially if Jill made Victoria Sponge cakes 

This was Jolly's first date. A special thank you to Steph, who has painted the women's portraits for me.


  1. Ooh, I like Jill! I am looking forward to meeting the other women you have lined up for Jolly to meet! :)

  2. Can I have a girly meet up with Jill please. She seems my kind of girl!
    Steph is amazing!She is brilliantly painted!

  3. Jill is one smart lady, she knows that a good lunch is an ideal setting for getting to know a guy!

  4. The way to a man's heart is through a Victoria Sponge!(Jill sounds suspiciously like someone not very far away from here!).x

  5. What a nice date! I love Steph's painting!


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