Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Saving Thyme

 Adrian and Marion came for an evening meal, and Bob volunteered to do the cooking. 

We started off very retro, with Delia Smith's Boeuf Bourguignon,accompanied by her Potatoes Boulangéres with rosemary  and tenderstem broccoli. 

Dessert was a Terrine of Summer Fruits . Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries - set in a jelly, in a loaf tin, easy to cut into slices and serve, and spectacular to look at. We had creme fraiche to spoon over.

All good fun, in great company, with good conversation. 

But we had a lot of fresh thyme left - so I decided to freeze it in ice cubes. The flavour is better with frozen than dried, I think. But could I find my ice cube trays anywhere? Where have they gone? 

In the end I gave up searching, and used the only ice tray which I could find. So now I have a dozen frozen herby fishes in my freezer! One fish is the equivalent of a teaspoonful of thyme leaves.[I am resisting the urge to make too many puns- "right plaice, right thyme" "adding a dab of flavour" etc]


  1. Oooh, the terrine looks spectacular!!!

  2. What an elegant dessert! I like your little ice cubes, never dreamed one could acquire fish shaped moulds. What are they usually meant for?

    1. They are from IKEA. I have had them for years [they also make flower shape and star shape moulds]. It's fun to make the frozen fish shapes using fruit juices then float them in glasses of water to amuse the children [orange ones look like goldfish]

  3. I share your pain about losing household items after a house move. Random things which I could lay my hands on immediately in our old house vanished after the move. Things which couldn't have been packed together either. The only thing to connect them has been they are seldom needed but annoying not to have when the need does arise!

  4. Love the fish shaped ice cubes. The meal looked yummy as well. I need to hunt out my Delia cookbooks, haven't looked at those in a long time.


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