Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Life In The Trenches

Bob had everything meticulously planned. Then electrician would prepare a heavy duty power cable to run from the house to the 'Lathe Palace'... then the builders would come for a few days and prepare the concrete base for the garage...then the garage company turn up and erect the prefabricated building [in just one day!] ... then the electrician would return to hook up the power. And finally Bob could move his tools inside, fix up the workbench and the lathe, and all would be sorted. 

However due to the pandemic, the builders' work schedule has been horribly disrupted. They are not coming on consecutive days, but 'as and when' . I understand. It's not like they are working on our living space, leaving us with a wall of the house missing, or no access to the kitchen or bathroom. People who need those sort of jobs done must get them done and dusted quickly. But it does mean the whole process is taking rather longer than planned. My car is parked at Liz's place, and Bob has to find a space somewhere in the close. 

The men worked really hard on Saturday, digging out the trenches to hold the concrete foundations. And it has rained and rained. Our corner plot is like The Somme. I keep expecting Rowan Atkinson to march round the corner with the rest of the Blackadder cast.

There seems to be so much earth to be shifted! And the trenches are filling with rainwater. I'm fighting a losing battle against mud coming into the house.

Bob assures me it will all be fine in the end.


  1. I guess Covid-related construction delays are not restricted to over here! Can they put a tarp or something to keep the rain water from filling up the trenches?

    1. It seems to dry out relatively quickly. Weather here quite changeable at the minute. Wet one day, sunny the next...

  2. How frustrating, and I know from experience that however much one tries to think of others with worse problems, it still doesn't help much! I hope the rain leaves off and it all dries out in the end. Well, I think of the story of the old gentleman who when asked why he was still cheerful, replied "It says in the Bible, "It came to pass", but it doesn't say that it came to stay!

  3. Oh dear, that's the kind of thing that's hard to put up with for long. I hope it progresses more quickly for you.


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