Wednesday 27 January 2010

Does It Have Wings?

jobs & ipad


So Steve Jobs and Apple have finally launched their iPad.

I shall wait and see what the other techies say about it, before it goes on my Christmas List [although my initial reaction is 'I think I would prefer this to a Kindle']

But my main question is - why that name?



They obviously didn't have a woman as Consumer Insights Manager!

[CIM is the title of Steph's new job, btw]


  1. Lol, I hadn't made the 'pad' connection in my brain.

    Here is Dave Walker's cartoon on the iPad:

  2. sounds like they didn't have ANYONE as consumer insights manager!

  3. thank you for your explanation! I had never even heard of this piece of equipment, shows how far we are behind here.

  4. Andy, sitting next to me, is muttering 'buy, buy buy'. Star Trek has always called such devices 'pads', or so I am reliably informed. I'm afraid this techie, or should I say Trekie speak is lost on me.


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