Thursday 21 January 2010

Silver and Gold

Isn't it funny how one day you can feel so tired- and the next you can work just as hard, if not harder, but come home on a real high? People made so many kind comments yesterday after my 'exhausted' post - thanks friends, today I am much brighter.

greens jewellers

After school, I went into the City, to Greens Jewellers in Churchgate. Steph has a beautiful silver bracelet, but its safety chain has a magnetic catch. Last week, it came undone and fell off [fortunately in her bedroom] She was anxious not to lose it.

I asked in Greens last week, and they said "Bring it in" so I collected it from Steph on Sunday night. This afternoon, I took it in, and they fixed it in minutes [whilst I walked to the cash machine] with a more reliable catch - for a very good price. This isn't the first time we have used this shop - and it won't be the last. So lovely to get good, prompt, personal service!

On the subject of jewellery, I notice that the OFT is checking out those companies that offer cash-for-gold. Some are apparently slightly dodgy. You don't say!!

I have no unwanted gold [In fact I just have my wedding and engagement rings and some gold fillings - all of which I plan on keeping] but I do know why that advert that is so weird - that man never blinks.

Scientist's Joke -

Q; "How do you greet a goldsmith? "

A; " Ey, You!"


  1. He's too busy reading from an auto prompt, I think! They do sound a bit too good to be true, dont they.

  2. Glad to hear you have a good local jeweller, because we have one too! They have saved me so much money by just helping out with little problems like a bent engagagement ring after moving furniture, that I actually began to TRY to find them something I could pay them for! A few months ago they helped me in the most surreal way, to get a pair of earrings off when they'd got stuck on! Almost too embarassing to be true, but they were really good about it! I think that cost me 4€50...

  3. I bet there's some scientific research about how people who never blink are lying thieves (or else honest as the day is long, one or the other). He's very strange, though, Mr. Gold.



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