Thursday 14 January 2010

Two Decades of 'Doh!'

So, The Simpsons is 20 years old. Woohoo! as Homer would say.

I think it is a brilliant cartoon - one of my favourite parts is the initial shot of Bart at the blackboard. That is mainly because I loved writing on a blackboard with chalk myself. It is much more satisfying than using a 'drywipe pen' on a whiteboard [they so often run out] - or a stylus on an interactive board [so often not calibrated - so your words appear an inch away from where you are writing]

This is one of his earliest offerings...

bart blackboard

Now he has a green chalkboard, and there are loads of sites out there where you can generate your own slogans

Bart Simpsons Chalkboard

Who is your favourite Simpson's Character? and what would you write on Bart's Board?


  1. I really identify with Lisa. Concerned older sister. I also think that Ned Flanders is remarkably Christian for a charicature! I liked the BBC's list of 'best blackboard comments' yesterday, one of which was 'nobody reads these any more'!

  2. Like Floss, I'm a Lisa girl, with Madge coming in a slow second.

    I'm just drinking my first cup of coffee, so can't think of a clever sentence for Bart's Board. Not that a second cup would really help ...


  3. I love Ned Flanders - he's a real gem! Revd. Lovejoy doesn't like him much though, does he? lol.

    The Simpsons is so funny, my girls love it.

  4. I think Hans Moleman is truly wonderful. Not least because he has died in so many ways! I love the way he says 'Oh dear...'


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