Tuesday 5 January 2010

Rule Britannia!

HM QE2 stamp

Apparently it has just been announced that we will have an extra Bank Holiday somewhere around the weekend of June 2nd 2012 to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. [And also Greenwich will become a Royal Borough]. I have put a blurred picture of stamps at the head of this post because last time I put a photo of HM [Christmas Day] someone commented that technically one needs her permission to display her photo. Sorry Ma'am.

On a cold snowy day like this, it is quite pleasant to contemplate a balmy summer day, with Union Flags being waved, balloons and bunting, and general celebration.


  1. That will be great - we had a lovely time with our little boys for the Golden Jubilee, and I was a Brownie waving a flag outside Holyrood Palace during the Silver one!

    Now, I have just tried to reply to your email, and my reply bounced straight back as our wanadoo.fr address is 'blacklisted'. Grrrr. I didn't say anything earthshattering, but perhaps you could see if you could get my address allowed by your server, just to make me feel less of a pariah, please?

  2. Oh, how lovely to have a queen. I just watched the movie, "The Queen," for the second or third time. Do you think Elizabeth II wishes she looked more like Helen Mirren? I know I wish I looked more like Helen Mirren, but perhaps not Helen Mirren playing the queen. Hmmm ...


  3. Hurrah and huzzah!

  4. Helen Mirren IS nearly 20 yrs younger than Her Majesty - but 10 yrs older than me. Not sure I want to look like EITHER of the HMs!!
    For the Silver Jubilee I made an amazing red white and blue skirt [I was 22 and a student at Oxford]
    For the Golden Jubilee I made yards of red, white and blue bunting and strung it all round the church and we had a big party.
    So I suppose I should be thinking about sewing some red, white and blue fabrics into something for the Diamond event. Any suggestions?

  5. I'm with Frances - it WOULD be fun to have a queen! I liked that movie, too. I like Floss's comment - a Brownie. So dear.


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