Monday, 25 January 2010

This Little Light Of Mine

I was sorting out some candles, and found this box in the garage ...


...ordinary white ones, which will fit into many of my various candlesticks. I  honestly do not know where they came from - there are eight of the original twelve in the box.

Most have been used a few times [I think I replaced them with red ones, one Xmas, and put these back in the box]

For the first time, I looked more carefully at the end of the box


They were packed in May 1955! These candles are almost as old as I am! I checked out Candle-lite, and they are still going [Thomas Emery began the company in 1840, but it was not known as Candle-Lite till 1953] They are still good candles, and burn cleanly.

I love candles - I blame Mum and Dad, who didn't! Somehow they picked up a habit [at Theological College in Glasgow, I suspect] of muttering "No Popery" whenever they saw a lighted candle.

superwoman newer In my perverse and rebellious way, I have therefore taken to having candles all over the place [observing Elf&Saty**, obviously] Shirley Conran's book "Superwoman" - which came out in 1975, when I was a student, recommended serving dinner by candlelight, especially if your cooking wasn't all that good.

I have followed this suggestion for a number of years. Bob soon got wise to it though, and realised 'candlelit dinner' didn't often mean 'romantic', but more likely 'this will hide the burnt bits'!!

pot pourri n.b. If you hear Bob muttering 'No Popery' he is probably saying 'no Pot Pourri' as the stuff makes him sneeze violently!

**A pupil of mine once wrote in an essay that everything had been banned now "cos of the Elf and Saty people"


  1. Quite agree, you cant move for fear of E and S jumping at you, terrible people!

  2. Great story - my mum has some decorative candles older than yours, but I've never heard of ordinary ones lasting that long! The company name is stylishly fifties, isn't it? I gather that candle light is more relaxing than electric, because of the gentle flickering. Another excuse! (My grandma was our 'no Popery!' member of the family. Then my mum married a lapsed Catholic!...)

  3. I say, "up yer bum, elf and saty, I shall light candles as and when I like." However, I'm in a rude and rebellious mood. I do find it amazing that your candles are so old. If you wish to indulge in further popery, may I suggest you light the lot for Candlemass?

  4. I love candles too! So nice and jolly.

    Our Pastor recently visited an old friend. He said to her, "I do wish you'd come to church." To which she replied, "I'm not church vicar*, I'm chapel!!"

    The local 'chapel' has apparently been closed for 40 years - which means she won't go to any church because they aren't 'chapel'. I presume this was a Baptist chapel because we do have a few local Methodist churches.

    *[our Pastor used to be a CofE vicar]

    I dunno. It's all very un-ecumenical. :D

  5. I think it's interesting that your candles come from Cincinnati, Ohio. I don't think of Ohio as being a major exporter of candles, but who knows what the world of importing and exporting was like in 1955?

    I like candles, but am the sort of person to burn down a house because she left a candle going, so I tend to stay away from them.


  6. Dear Ms. Almond, Thank you so very much for sharing your story and the image of your vintage candles! I am glad that they continue to glow
    brightly. I have shared it with many folks in the company. Continue
    to enjoy and thank you again.

    Carole Cottrill
    Consumer Affairs

  7. I just stopped by to check out your blog and I am so glad I did. It is a delight to read. I am going to have to go further back on a day when I have a bit more time. God bless.


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