Thursday 28 January 2010

Get it Taped

Isn't it strange how things developed in Wartime can end up being modified to be useful in Peacetime? Also somehow sad that often it is atrocity that is the mother of invention. These musings brought about because Rufflette curtain tape...


...was developed from the khaki cartridge belts of WW1

cartridge belt

George French, a Manchester Manufacturer had a brainwave and converted his machinery from making tapes to hold ammunition into tapes to hold curtain hooks.

rufflette 3

rufflette2 I have been thinking about curtains quite a bit today, as we have to put up some new tracks, and I will have to re-make the lounge curtains quite soon.

Yes folks, 15 days after the work began [and over EIGHT weeks since I had originally expected what was deemed "A Three-Day Job" to be completed] the work on the double glazing is finally finished and the dust-sheets have gone.

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  1. Power to your elbow with the curtains Angela----------cottonreel


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