Friday 22 January 2010

Where Do I Begin...

LoveStory poster 

Erich Segal, who wrote the book and screen play for 'Love Story' has just died. I always thought catchphrase "Love means never having to say you're sorry" was a bit odd. I think it's meant to mean "Because I love you, I'll automatically forgive you, you don't need to be sorry/apologise" - but that isn't right, in my book. Repentance and forgiveness go together, surely?


It was cold, and I needed some 'comfort food', so last night I got out the Atora, and made a sausage casserole with dumplings. I love my dumplings soft and soggy like my Mum used to make. Bob prefers them crispy and crusty on top, like his Mum used to make.

suet dumplings

So, for his sake, I cook them without a lid on the dish, so they cook up with a golden brown crust.

As Bob pointed out...

... Love means never having to say 'they're soggy' !


  1. I didnt see the film, read about it and thought I couldnt cope with it. But agree with you, love to me means being able to say sorry in the knowledge that forgiveness is there.

  2. I saw Love Story when I was in elementary school and read the book later. My friends and I sobbed and sobbed - not really being old enough to understand all the conflict in the relationships. I remember my mother taking an opportunity for a "teachable moment" saying exactly what you said about forgiveness. How ARE you?

  3. Good to know others agree with me on that then! I am feeling so much brighter than I did midweek, thanks PP - amazing what a good night's sleep and a rewarding day in school can do for one's morale!

  4. Glad you are feeling much brighter.

    I've never read nor seen Love Story. But I agree with your thoughts. Our Pastor tells every couple who is getting married, "People say that marriage is 'give and take', but I tell you that it's all give". And I think he's right. If both partners give without thinking of what they get in return it is surely more like the Christian notion of servanthood.


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