Wednesday 20 January 2010

I Must Get To Bed Earlier!

I know I should be feeling like this...

rosie -mike licht 

...but after a long hard day I often feel more like this...

whistlersmother mike licht

[thanks to Mike Licht for these - more blogger pictures here]


  1. I love these pictures!

  2. Maybe an early night, good sleep, rest?
    I'll be praying for you to wake feeling full of energy.

  3. zzzzzzzzzzzz. I understand. Right now I should scoot out the door to the grocery store, but after a long day of teaching, I want to sit.

  4. I always think I'll get to bed earlier, but I never do. Thank goodness for mid-afternoon naps!


  5. Clever pics - but do get a good night's sleep!

    I've just done a post with final questions for the Magazine Swappers. Could you pop over and let me know what you think, please?


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