Friday, 3 January 2014

Sock It To Me, Baby!

Many people receive socks at Christmas time. Bob had a splendid pair from his sister Denise. Two years ago I had a pair with a Union Jack design from my cousin Gill, who thought I might need them for Jubilee related events. She was right – and I have worn them a lot since.

IMG_1354But there was a weak point along the back of the heel which gave way last week. I felt that if I oversewed it to make a narrow seam I could get a little bit more wear from them.

Bob’s sister did not give me socks for Christmas, she gave me this…


…like me, Denise loves meandering round Charity Shops, and found me this superb vintage darning mushroom. I was able to put it to good use the other night whilst watching Sherlock. It is not an invisible mend- but it does the job…



…and I am happy to start the New Year with thriftiness.

I did enjoy Sherlock. Loved seeing BC’s real parents [Timothy Carleton and Wanda Ventham] playing Mr & Mrs Holmes. Felt old to realise I first watched WV 40 years ago in the Lotus Eaters.


  1. Great darning! I watched SH last night was fab!!

  2. I LOVE getting socks for Christmas - this year I got 5 pairs!! They're such a good gift for people that are hard to buy for because everyone uses socks and you can buy patterns that are personal to them. I always say Christmas isn't Christmas without socks as a present :)

  3. Love the thriftyness Ang. Horrifying to think most people would have just thrown them both in the bin isn't it?

    xx x

  4. I haven't watched it yet, but must soon as PC tells me the next episode is aired this weekend. Also want to catch up on Mr Whicher. I do long for long chats with you about socks and other matters. Maybe in 2014!

  5. Great job on the socks! I'm so very eager to see the new Sherlock. We don't have TV, so will have to wait until I can find it online somewhere. I'm rewatching the other seasons first :) Happy New Year!

  6. impressed with your thrifty skills

  7. I was reading recently that socks made the list for worst gifts to give for Christmas, but I gave the men some really thick work socks that they LOVED. I gave myself a pair of wool-blend socks that I love too. The only socks I will darn are the good ones, not the cheapos. Love that mushroom.

  8. I love your darning mushroom! I use a wooden egg to darn my socks. There is something very satisfying about giving a sock--especially a beloved sock--new life, isn't there?


  9. I don't understand darning!!! Wish o did! I received 6 pairs of socks for Christmas, all patterned. Very grateful BUT I ideally would like black ones given the amount of skirts I wear, coloured ones are hard to hide, especially given my shoe selection! X


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