Monday, 17 February 2014

£10 Says I WILL Finish It!


I can be Very Determined sometimes! It took me less than six weeks to use up my red Bic Cristal Ballpoint and now I have sent off the empty pen and await my cheque for a tenner. And I still have the other nine pens from the packet.

With the exception of cheques, and a few official documents, I have written almost everything in red for over a month. I left it at home last Tuesday, and one of my students asked me where my red pen was! The pack also included blue [4], black [2] and green [2] pens as well as a second red one. I am considering tucking the green one into my Filofax now, and using that colour for a while.

This is brilliant!


  1. Wish we had deals like that here..It may even encourage me to write a real letter instead of emailing!
    Jane x


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