Friday, 28 February 2014

Oooh Look! It’s Erm…Thingy

Just lately, my TV viewing seems to be punctuated with cries of “Look, it’s thingy off …erm …who is it Bob? I can’t remember” I do love the Euro-cop-dramas on BBC4 on a Saturday evening, but I do wish they wouldn’t let their actors stray into British mysteries.

Lars Dittmen Mikkelson the killing

Lars Dittmann Mikkelsen, from The Killing, turned out to be the baddie ‘Magnussen’ on Sherlock Series 3 recently.


birgitte hjort sorensen Borgen

And then Birgitte Hjort Sorensen from Borgen popped up in Miss Marple’s Endless Night and yet again in that bizarre Midsomer Murders UK/Danish crossover the other week


And on Tuesday night, Caroline Proust, the French cop from Engrenage[Spiral]was there on a tropical island, for Death in Paradise

Borgen mackenzieIt all gets so baffling! Especially when Archie [Alastair Mackenzie] from Monarch of the Glen is now the boyfriend in Borgen

I get so confused

And I seem to lose the thread of the current mystery while I struggle trying to recognise who it is, and where I have seen them before! Do you think they should put subtitles on screen saying ‘yes, this is that Danish woman from Borgen’ or ‘he may have been a good guy in The Killings, but he is  really acting suspiciously in Midsomer’


  1. Or a warning before the programme starts?!! ;)

  2. The Internet Movie Database ( is great for solving these "Oh, you know, it's thingymajig, he was in whassisname" mysteries.

    Funny how most of the people in these programmes have been in Casualty at one time or another!!

  3. We do this too : ) Except in our case it is usually my husband asking me where we'd seen that actor before.

  4. Mr FD can always tell me who Thingy is, but I often have the same problems as you. We have really been enjoying "Salamander" on BBC 4. This is a series from Belgium, it's very good, and gripping...& the lead actor is a nice
    piece of mature crumpet too!!!:-)

    1. "Mature Crumpet"? oh FD I am shocked at you!!
      Mind you, I was quite taken with Soren Malling [Borgen AND The Killing] and his Stylish Nordic Cardigans till his character had a torrid affair. It wasn't simply that he had the affair, but that it involved them wrestling passionately on top of a Very Expensive mixing desk - no respect for the equipment at all!

  5. That sounds uncomfortable too - all those sliders, switches & buttons pressing into places where sliders, switches & buttons have no business pressing into :-)

  6. I just wish they'd do a picture of each actor at the beginning with a caption that says, "Fred Bloggs as Robin Hood".

  7. Angela, you and the other commenters here are hilarious and I agree totally. Really liking Gerardi from Salamander despite not liking older men esp ones with face fuzz! I can cope with the eurocops popping up in dramas and I love hearing what their English accent is like but Archie in Borgen left me wondering why he'd left Glenbogle and what his poor father would have said if he hadn't been blown up by the grenade fetching dog!

  8. On the season finale of "Downtown Abbey" the Prince of Wales is played by someone I know I've seen somewhere before, and it drove me crazy (is he the same actor who played the Duke of Windsor in "The Kings Speech"?).


  9. I don't know how Cindy Beale ended up as landlady of the Rovers Return. Very confusing.


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