Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Things They Say…

Supply Teaching has been happening – I have had a number of half-days of work, and some wonderful comments from the children.


One afternoon last week – covering a newly qualified teacher who had gone to an NQT course. The children came in from lunchbreak, and a rather precocious 8 year old had this conversation with me

“Who are you?”

“I’m Mrs Almond, and I am here this afternoon because your teacher has to be somewhere else, she will be back tomorrow. Who are you?”

“Are you fully qualified as a teacher?” [I am not thrilled at his tone, nor the fact that he didn’t answer my question]

“How old is your mother?”

“She’s 32, why?”

“Because I was fully qualified as a teacher some years before your mother was even born. Now, what was your name?”

[I wonder if they have had a lot of cover done by teaching assistants, and parents are starting to notice?]


Then one morning this week, covering a teacher who had gone off to an antenatal appointment. I went out into the playground and found where the class would be lining up. This time, a polite little girl

“Please Miss, where’s Mrs X?”

“Your teacher has to be somewhere else this morning, she will be back at lunchtime. I am Mrs Almond. Who are you?”

She told me her name, then turned and whispered to the child behind her. The whisper went all the way down the line, then a girl right at the back came running to the front

“Miss! Is it true that you are here because Mrs X is DEAD?”


Finally, yesterday afternoon, my favourite comment. I was covering for a Nursery Nurse with some 3 and 4 year olds.

“Miss, are you REALLY a grown up?”

“Yes I am, I’m quite old actually.”

“But you are not very TALL, are you?”


  1. Out of the mouths of babes eh?!!

  2. Brilliant! Did you tell her that precious things come in small packages, or that you may be small, but you have a big Heart, which you do?

  3. Fabulous! Hope the precocious child benefitted from your experience.

  4. Ha! Yes indeed. Just the sort of thing I get from my two should know better nine and ten year olds!!

  5. Oh My Goodness, I am Laughing Out Loud. It is kind of less bothering from a Nursery Child. All of my offspring are now bigger than me, even my daughter who is short, and I just get them to do anything "high" as I "can't" reach. At least that's what I'm telling them. It is a way to get them to help!


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